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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Editorial Comment

We are celebrating the Fourth of July today with a big BBQ for family and friends.
Or we should say we are celebrating the memory of what the USA truly was (and will be again once we rid ourselves of the wingnuts).

The sheer lunacy, idiocy, depravity, perversity, stupidity, immorality, hatred, fear and ignorance of the wingnuts  is appalling. The entire world in united in their dislike for the ass in the oval office and the world's opinion of the US is down to levels among our allies (if we really have any left) that has only been seen in those that are shall we say not our allies and in less than six months no less.

The promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is no longer a part of American life.

We spent the past few days in Europe and every person we met - old friends and strangers alike - had the same question in two parts ... How in the F#*K did that slug steal the office and when are you going to get rid of him?
The first part of that question is easy he is a con man and thief and he had help from Russia and the dim witted fell for his con.
The second part - we're working on it. But we may not have to for if there is any justice in the universe he will shortly just go completely insane and we can put him behind bars where he belongs - along with all of his cronies.

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