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Monday, October 23, 2017

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People running from Dumbass Trump are getting asylum in Canada

When Dumbass Trump ran for pretender last year, people living in the U.S. pledged to move to Canada, even crashing the country’s immigration website a day prior to Election Day. Today, many have made good on their promise.

Colorado Wingnuts forced to discount tickets to see Moron Pence due to low sales

Not even wingnuts are willing to pay big money to hear Moron Pence.
The Colorado wingnut cabal has slashed prices for Pence's keynote address by 45 percent after failing to sell enough of the $275 tickets to the October 26 speech in Denver.

'An intervention is really needed here'

For months, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been hesitant about joining some of her colleagues who are advocating outright for Dumbass Trump's impeachment. Now, she's ready to discuss another I-word option for dealing with the volatile Dumbass: intervention.

Dumbass Trump Is Trying To Outsmart Mueller With US Attorney Appointments

Leading corruption expert explains how Dumbass Trump has created a ‘kleptocracy’

On Friday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spoke with the world's leader in corruption, who just filed an important brief against Dumbass Trump.

Dumbass Trump Junta Wants to Slash Birth Control

Dumbass Trump's nominees are already working despite not being confirmed by the senate

Several of Dumbass Trump’s unconfirmed nominees are breaking the law by working at their proposed government agencies before the Senate has confirmed them.
The four officials showing up to work at three different agencies—the State Department, the Office of Management and Budget and the Environmental Protection Agency— skirting the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, POLITICO reported on Friday.

Dumbass Trump Gets His Ass Handed To Him By British Lawmakers

Dumbass Trump stuck his foot in his mouth again and pissed off our closest ally. A recent report indicates that the crime rate is rising in the United Kingdom...

Dumbass Trump Brags he Owns An ‘Original Renoir’

Dumbass Trump Brags he Owns An ‘Original Renoir’, Yet The Real Painting Is Hanging In A Chicago Gallery
Fake art!

Dumbass Trump Lied About Contacting Gold Star Families

Dumbass Trump White House Scrambling After Documents Reveal Dumbass Trump Lied About Contacting Gold Star Families
Documents reveal that Dumbass Trump lied about contacting nearly every Gold Star family, and the Dumbass Trump White House was forced into scramble mode because they knew that Dumbass Trump's statement was not true.…

Bill Maher Takes Down Dumbass Trump’s Lying Chief Of Staff In BLISTERING Rebuke

Maher is right on the money with this one.

Dumbass Trump continues Twitter attacks on black congresswoman after being busted for lying about her

Dumbass Trump doubles down after Kelly is called out for lying.

Frederica Wilson Isn’t Taking Any Crap

Frederica Wilson Isn’t Taking Any Crap As She Becomes Dumbass Trump’s Worst Nightmare
Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) isn't messing around with Dumbass Trump's Twitter games and insults. She is calling out Dumbass Trump's White House for being full of white supremacists.…

Frederica Wilson Goes There And Rips Kelly For Lying About Her

Rep. Frederica Wilson Goes There And Rips Kelly For Lying About Her On National TV
Rep. Frederica Wison didn't sit back and let a Dumbass Trump junta official lie about her, no matter how much she may sympathize with his pain of losing his son in combat.…

Race, lies, and videotape

Kelly, the adult in the room, the one who is supposed to stop Dumbass Trump from leading the United States “on the path to World War III,” has shown his true colors.

Video Shows Kelly Flat Out Lied About Frederica Wilson At Press Briefing

Bombshell Video Shows Kelly Flat Out Lied About Frederica Wilson At Press Briefing
The full video of Rep. Wilson's speech has been posted online, and it contradicts Dumbass Trump Chief of Staff Kelly's claims that she bragged about getting funding for the building.…

Frederica Wilson Attends Fallen Soldier’s Funeral While Dumbass Trump Golfs For Third Straight Weekend

Frederica Wilson Attends Fallen Soldier’s Funeral While Dumbass Trump Golfs For Third Straight Weekend
As Dumbass Trump lines up his putts in Virginia on Saturday, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is in Florida, doing what the Dumbass has yet to do: Honor the life of Sgt. La David Johnson.…

San Juan mayor torches Dumbass Trump's boast of 'A+' Puerto Rico response

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz on Friday torched Dumnbass Trump’s boast that his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico deserved a “ten” and an “A+” grade during an appearance on CNN.
“If it is a ‘ten’ out of a scale of 100, of course,” she said when asked to assess the Dumbass’ claims. “It is still a failing grade.”

Trump sycophant who scored $14,000 in FEMA aid after Harvey thinks Puerto Rico can ‘handle’ hurricane relief themselves

At least one Texas man seems bothered Puerto Rico is taking money away from his state's hurricane recovery.