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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Voters would sacrifice sex to remove Dumbass Trump

What would you sacrifice if you could force Dumbass Trump out of office? Could you go without your phone? Stop smoking? Give up sex?
Some anti-Dumbass Trump Americans would, and happily, according to a survey out this week from Galileo Research, a New York-based strategy firm.
Galileo worked with J. Walter Thompson Intelligence to ask people who don't support Dumbass Trump what they would give up for a year if they were guaranteed he'd be removed from office before the end of his first term. The results showed many "would gladly give up the essentials of daily living," according to a presentation of the data.
About a third of Dumbass Trump critics said they were willing to sacrifice their smartphones, TVs, bonuses or sex if the pretender were to cut his tenure short.

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