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Monday, April 10, 2017

Images Of Dumbass Trump Golfing In Florida Leak

Images Of Dumbass Trump Golfing In Florida Leak Despite Him Ordering Press Pool To Stay Inside 
Dumbass Trump’s war on “leakers” who make him look bad by exposing his lies is about to escalate. On Saturday, a CNN reporter managed to snap a few pictures of Dumbass Trump playing golf for the 15th time as pretender, despite efforts by his staff to stop it. No doubt, the reporter will face recriminations from the Dumbass Trump team for doing his job.
This is the state our nation has been reduced to: A pretender so committed to vacations in the face of dismal approval ratings that he locks his press pool up to avoid getting caught doing what he knows looks really, really bad. When they report on it, they get attacked.

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